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Hi everybody! I’m Stanislav and I’ve been a software developer for over 16 years. I’m originally from Russia where I worked for two big companies but now I live and work in Cyprus. I’m excited about meeting new people and learning about new technologies.

My first job as a software developer was at a construction company in Russia. There, I developed an accounting software program. I participated in the entire process which included everything from design to implementation and testing. The experiences I gained while working there were unforgettable and I am incredibly thankful to have had this position as my first job. However, after eleven years of working for this company, I decided to search for new opportunities.

I then started working for an IT company called TerraLink. I worked in a department that customized box solutions such as OpenText and integrated them with a German SAP system. I participated in two projects: EFES and ILIM, in which we used a variety of technologies such as C#, ASP.MVC, JavaScript, Telerik, MS SQL and Oracle. Two years later I received a job offer in Cyprus so I moved there with my family.

Once I relocated to Cyprus, I began working at a big telecommunication company called 3CX. Because this company wanted to be the first to utilize innovative technologies, it involved me in a project in which I used .NET Core even though it was still a preview version. While I was there, I also used AngularJs as a frontend part. The incredible reaction speed of the UI inspired me to continue to learn about and use technologies in this sector.

After two years of being at 3CX, my family and I decided to be closer to the sea. I then began my search for a new company. Around the same time, MetaQuotes happened to be looking for an experienced software developer to join their team. Everything went well during the interview process and I could immediately tell that it would be a great company to work for.

I have now been working for this company for over a year. MetaQuotes is a well-known company that is developing a platform for brokers and traders around the world. I enjoy working with my colleagues and learning new approaches to speed up the highly-prioritized applications that we are developing.



Write a clean code if you think about your colleagues.
Software Architect
  • Developed tagging mechanism for issued documents
  • Improved UI experience
  • Optimized SQL queries
  • Significant refactoring
  • Technologies & languages used: C#, MS SQL, JavaScript, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, XML, JSON, Entity Framework (ORM), Telerik Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC, Log4net, AppFabric, OpenXML Wix, TFS, Visual Studio 2019, ReSharper, Rider, WebStorm, dotPeek, dotTrace, dotMemory, Crystal Reports
Senior C# .NET Software Developer
  • Improved applying of permissions
  • Developed a module to manage workshops
  • Converted WebForms application to .Net Core with Razor
  • Created a utility to migrate data from Firebird into MySql
  • Created custom and optimized MVC routing by using code generating (IL – intermediate language)
  • Integrated Akismet antispam system
  • Refactoring and bug fixing
  • Technologies & languages used: C#, PostgreSQL, MySql, ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, LINQ, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, LESS, AJAX, XML, JSON, Visual Studio 2017, ReSharper, dotPeek, NLog
Senior C# .NET Software Developer
  • Created new reports as a background task to send them to the user’s email (Fast Report)
  • Changed approach of report’s generation by using Entity Framework Core.
  • Created plugins for 3CX Phone to integrate with Zendesk and DATAV (German system)
  • Developed synchronization and integration 3CX Phone for Skype for Business (Lync)
  • Improved performance of working with database for reports
  • Changed some reports by adding new options as parameters
  • Changed search mechanism of calls from the client side to the server side to improve search performance
  • Created module to export reports to pdf file for Linux system by using iTextSharp
  • Refactoring and bug fixing
  • Technologies & languages used: C#, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, LINQ, ASP.NET, WinForms, HTML, CSS, AJAX, XML, JSON, Mantis, Visual Studio 2017, ReSharper, dotPeek, WebStorm, Fast Report
Senior C# .NET Software Developer
  • Created a module to import and validate catalogs and classifiers from prepared Excel files
  • Created an interactive schedule report to show information about scheduled events
  • Developed infrastructure to cache information by using App Fabric
  • Created a notification service of events
  • Created a synchronization service of organization structure
  • Created components’ installers of the solution by using Wix
  • Created a utility to execute a package of scripts (update/rollback) for T-SQL & PL/SQL by using WinForms and multithreading
  • Developed search engines for each type of document by using ASP.NET MVC, LQL and oScript (frontend and backend)
  • Created reports and a mechanism to export them to Excel files (OpenXML) and Pdf files (Crystal Reports)
  • Created access rights for individual attributes and for group attributes of documents and applied them
  • Developed UI and a backend part to add, save, edit and delete documents’ forms such as contracts, additional agreements, power of attorney, and so on
  • Created a service to create, update, and read information in SAP
  • Developed a component to import files into Content Server and to bind them to corresponding documents
  • Created a Windows service to process the queue of assignments of proxies
  • Created links between documents and listed them on the web page
  • Created a mechanism to show the historical changes of attributes for individual documents
  • Created catalogs and classifiers
  • Created database structure and Data Access Layer
  • Technologies & languages used: C#, MS SQL, Oracle, JavaScript, LINQ, oScript, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, XML, JSON, Entity Framework (ORM), Telerik Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC, Log4net, AppFabric, OpenXML Wix, TFS, JIRA, Visual Studio 2015, ReSharper, Crystal Reports
Senior C# .NET Software Developer
  • Created data transfer module with the aim to convey required information to 1C:Enterprise 8.2, Accounting & HRM configuration
  • Prepared data for migration into 1C:Enterprise 8.2, Accounting & HRM configuration
  • Generated efficient algorithms for data aggregation and its inculcation into the business
  • Developed and implemented algorithms calculating wages and taxes (personal income tax – NDFL, Russian Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, advanced payments of maintenance, sick list, and leave of absence), amortization of fixed assets
  • Created module in accounting application to communicate with Client-Bank System
  • Created exporting reports to Excel files
  • Created reports and their algorithms to make them interactive with the database
  • Created reports according to primary documents
  • Created internal reports: account ledgers, remaining building project materials, and accounting entries (fixed assets, bank and cash, fuel and lubricant materials)
  • Created reports for government agencies and funds (VAT declaration, Russian Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, property tax)
  • Created catalogs and classifiers of organizations, employees, contractors, accounts, nomenclature, and fixed assets
  • Created printable forms of primary documents (payment orders, incoming and outgoing invoices)
  • Created UI and backend modules to add, save, edit and delete information in documents and their integration into the database
  • Developed user authentication mechanism
  • Created application infrastructure
  • Created database structure and Data Access Layer
  • Analyzed the mechanisms of accounting and human resources management
  • Technologies & languages used: .NET C#, MS SQL, WinForms, ADO.NET, InstallShield, Visual Studio 2013, VFP, ODBC, DBC, TFS



If you want to build maintainable software that is faster and cleaner, you should know design patterns quite well. It’s essential to apply them properly and feel the boundaries of using them. SOLID and DRY principles are beneficial for each developer to build quality software.
C# .NET 95%
.NET Core 85%
MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MYSQL 91%
Entity Framework 86%
GUI / WinForms / WPF 94%
AngularJs 84%
JavaScript 88%
jQuery 82%



We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve. Bill Gates.
Testimonial MetaQuotes Cyprus Limassol Arsen Mukuchyan Software Developer
Sr. Software Developer,
Limassol, Cyprus

“The first time that I met Stanislav was during the interview process and he showed his strong knowledge of software development. He was really easy going and open minded. It was a pleasure to speak with him even about technologies that were not the main topics of our job. He is full of innovative ideas about how to improve the development lifecycle, and at the same time is also very inquisitive. It would be great to work with him again someday.”

Testimonial MetaQuotes Cyprus Limassol Marsel Khaidarov Software Developer
Sr. Software Developer,
Limassol, Cyprus

“Stanislav and I have worked together for over a year and he is a fantastic colleague. He is always honest about his ideas regarding clean code, as well as with how to be creative with it. He is an expert in this field whose coding skills are impeccable. Additionally, I always have found him to be incredibly professional in the workplace. Stanislav completes all of his tasks in a timely manner and with attention to detail. Working with him is great, mainly because of his wonderful communication skills and teamwork abilities. I would without a doubt recommend Stanislav to make any project a success.”

Testimonial 3CX Cyprus Nicosia Ilia Tikhonov Software Developer
Sr. Software Developer,
Nicosia, Cyprus

“Stanislav and I worked together on the same project for a year. He is remembered as a highly qualified specialist and he always wants to understand all the nuances and details of each task. I was pleased with our discussions about general development and algorithms. Stanislav was involved in making report generations and he forced it to work faster by using all capabilities of the database. He also was excited by adding Entity Framework because he knew that it would allow the simplification of queries and report generations. Ultimately, I would like to say that I enjoyed working with him.”

Testimonial TerraLink Russia Moscow Mikhail Remontov Team Leader
Mikhail Remontov,
Team Leader,
Moscow, Russia

“While working at TerraLink, Stanislav Zagursky established himself as a very reliable developer.
He always performed tasks, including design tasks, on time and with very high quality. One of Stanislav’s distinctive features is that he does not give poor-quality code to be tested – he creates a pull-request only when he is sure of his work and after it has been double-checked. Stanislav is a bit of a perfectionist, but he knows how to efficiently complete his code – he will never rewrite something because he doesn’t like it. After he moved to Cyprus, our company lost a very strong specialist.”

Testimonial TerraLink Russia Moscow Mikhail Pushkarev Business Analyst
Mikhail Pushkarev,
Business Analyst,
Moscow, Russia

“Stanislav really loves his job and what he does. It was very interesting to watch how he tried to solve difficult problems. I enjoyed our conversations about business processes and how to make end-user experiences more intuitive. He is a bit of a perfectionist and wants the job to be done in the best way possible. He improved and redesigned integration with the German SAP system and the solution became more maintainable. That was highly evaluated by other developers and by our Project Manager. He often proposed ideas about how to improve the architecture of the application and usability of the UI. Those two years of working together were unforgettable for me and our company because we knew how easy the fast application could be built. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Testimonial Decision Mapper USA New York Viktor Tokar Software Developer
Sr. Software Developer,
New York, NY, USA

“Stanislav is an experienced .NET developer. Not only does he have strong software skills, he is also self-organized, motivated and hard-working. All of that is very important and is the key to success. Whether it’s creating something new, doing research, or writing detailed documentation, Stanislav excels at every task he does. I hope to meet more people like him.”



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